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a realist who believes in the whims of fate

like a leaf floating in the ocean

✿ destroyer of grammar
29 October
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Salutations! I'm radicalfire, otherwise known as the great Lanxal. The basic facts you need to know about me? I'm 14, of Chinese origin, and have my thumb in many addictive pies, including animes, mangas, sitcons and video games. What's happening in my life right now? Well, I've got my million word writing project, as well as making icons for dustflare, my graphics comm. I used to be kind of a jack of all trades, sucking in all arts, but I'm really focusing on writing and graphics now, so... yeah. My trademark emoticons are xD, :D, ;w; and D:. You know, the usually stuff. xD

Guess that's all I really need to say here, isn't it? If you want to know more, come over to my livejournal! :D