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✿ destroyer of grammar
07 March 2025 @ 05:55 pm

friends only         
comment to be added
       no promises~

this journal is full for rants, fandomin', memes and whatever the hell else I want.
heads up, i write fiction at inkflourish and post graphics at dustflare.

do add because we share interests or friends.
don't add for no reason, out of the blue.
do add if we know each other from somewhere else.
don't be dead or use really bad grammar.

              ...take it or leave it.
✿ destroyer of grammar
23 August 2022 @ 10:05 pm

Wow, never expected myself to have claims, but my awesome friend azurewhite had created a blogcrew just as I had begun to read Hetalia and fall in fanboy with Lithuania, so I decided to myself, why not? And thus came this post, where I shall archive my blogcrews and claims. xD

Will possibly make a banner for this later. xD

a chest of my posessionsCollapse )
Current Mood: sleepy